A wave of happiness among farmers due to increase in MSP of 6 rabi crops by Indian government

Government of India has increased the minimum support price of 6 rabi crops including mustard, wheat, lentil and chickpea. This will especially benefit crores of farmers in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. Besides, farmers’ income will also increase.

Central government has given a great Diwali gift to the farmers. It has increased the MSP of 6 rabi crops including wheat. Crores of farmers in India will benefit from this. Their income will also increase at a significant rate. A special case is the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi MSP of rabi crops It increased from 2% to 7%. Simultaneously, the Union Cabinet also approved the increase in MSP. This means farmers will get money at the new MSP rate when harvesting of rabi crops begins in the 2024-25 crop season.

Rabi crop

Rabi crops include wheat, linseed, mustard, safflower, peas, chickpeas and barley. They are sown between October and November. The specialty is that Rabi crops are grown mostly in the North Indian states. Talking about wheat, Uttar Pradesh is said to be its largest producing state. It is followed by Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. Currently, the central government has increased the wheat MSP by Rs 150 per quintal. After this, the MSP of wheat for the 2024-25 rabi marketing season has been increased to Rs 2275 per quintal. That is, as a result of Prime Minister Modi’s cabinet decision, crores of farmers in Gujarat, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan will get huge benefits.

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Where and how much mustard is produced in India

Similarly, Rajasthan is the top mustard producing state in India. It has a share of 46.7 percent of the total mustard produced in India. That is 46.7 percent in Rajasthan alone Mustard production What it could do. It is followed by Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and West Bengal. Currently, the central government has increased the minimum support price of mustard by Rs 200 per quintal. In this the minimum support price of mustard has reached Rs 6550 per quintal. In this case the farmers of these states will get a lot of benefits.

Increase in mustard production area will reduce inflation

Also, agricultural experts say that production cost of mustard in India is very low. In such a situation, edible oil has to be imported from abroad. However, the decision to increase the MSP was taken by the central government at the right time. Because, currently mustard sowing season is going on. For your information, we tell you that due to increase in MSP, farmers can expand to more areas for more income. Mustard sowing This will increase the production of mustard in India, which may reduce the price of mustard oil. It will also reduce inflation significantly.

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