Abhishek Kumar has a break down on Isha Malviya boyfriend Samarth Jurel’s wild card entry show in Bigg Boss 17 upcoming episode

Bigg Boss 17 Promo: TV’s most controversial show Bigg Boss 17 is witnessing a lot of drama these days. On the one hand, where many relationships are being formed, on the other hand, there are cracks in existing relationships. A lot seems to have changed between former couple Abhishek Kumar and Esha Malviya. Meanwhile, Isha and Abhishek are going to get a big shock.

In fact, the show is going to have a wild cart entry. The contestant who entered as a wild card is none other than Esha Malviya’s current boyfriend Samarth Jurel. This was revealed in the latest promo of the show, which changed the mood of the entire house after hearing it.

Isha’s rumored boyfriend Samarth is a wild card entry in ‘Bigg Boss 17’
The promo shows Isha sitting in the activity room, after which Samarth enters. Seeing this, Isha’s mouth fell open. At the same time, Bigg Boss is heard saying – “Welcome Samarth to my area, according to him he is Isha’s current boyfriend.” Isha is shocked to hear this, while Abhishek looks very sad.

Abhishek breaks down seeing Samarth and Isha
Isha asks the supporter, why did you come here? Then Samarth asked him, what am I? Isha says you are friend. Hearing this, Samarth laughs loudly and says wow, what’s the matter. Seeing all this, Abhishek broke down and started crying uncontrollably. All the family members are seen taking care of Abhishek.

Samarth clashed with Abhishek on the first day
Meanwhile, Isha is also seen silencing Abhishek. But at the same time the supporters can be heard saying, everyone is crying so let me tell you something, this girl inside you is the number one liar. First she calls Abhishek her friend and I am her friend. Hearing this, Abhishek’s temper rises and the two are seen fighting with each other. At this time, Isha is also heard to be called a stupid girl by the supporters.

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