Accurate data on crop production will be available, digital crop survey will start in July 2024

The emphasis is on modernization of agriculture in the country. In addition to this, emphasis is being placed on the use of new technology in each related field. Similarly, the government is now gearing up to modernize the crop production estimation process. Because most of the work in the currently adopted process is manual which may contain errors. It is the Centre’s endeavor that the process of crop production estimation undertaken in the next agricultural year will be digitalised. The Centre’s endeavor is to carry out digital crop surveys. This will be an initiative to automate the crop survey process.

This guide has been prepared under the guidance of the Economics, Statistics and Evaluation Department (ESED) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. These guidelines have been shared with the States and Union Territories for adoption. These guidelines state that in the agricultural year 2024-25 other processes like cover cropping, giridwari should be digitized. The guidelines also state that each state will use GPS enabled mobile applications to collect crop sowing data. Its main objective is to convert the crop production estimation process from manual to automatic.

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Digital data is collected in these states

Currently crop estimation process is done manually. There are delays in this work and various types of errors also occur. However, some states like Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have already started digital data collection systems using GPS-enabled mobile apps. Digital systems exist in other states like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, but they are limited to recording crop area. In view of these errors, it is thought to modernize this work.

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Purpose of digitizing data

It is noteworthy that Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had in September emphasized on assessing actual data on crop production and also explained its importance. Hence the objective of digitizing the assessment process was to eliminate errors in the manual process and make it accurate. So that accurate information is available on time. It will have complete information from field type to crop. This comprehensive information will help in making plans for the development of the country’s agriculture and farmers. Apart from digitization of data collection, the timing of crop estimation in the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has also been revised. Which are released in the first five rounds.

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