Again the price inflation of onion has brought tears to the eyes of common people

Currently the festival season is going on. Inflation in such a situation is worrying news for common people. For your information let us tell you that the price of onion has increased before the upcoming Diwali. Its price has increased by 20 rupees per kg. Because of this, the pockets of common people have been greatly damaged.

As the festive season approaches, inflation is once again showing its true colors. Because of this, the budget of common people is shaken. Especially the price of onion is on fire. We inform you that onion, which was sold at Rs 30 to 35 per kg, has now crossed Rs 45. One kilo in Andhra Pradesh Onion price 50 has reached Rs. That is, its price has increased by 20 rupees per kg. It is said that its price may increase in the coming days. In this situation, the price of onion has once again increased the concern of people.

Onion is being sold at Tk 50 per kg

Onion is being sold at Rs 50 per kg in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. At the same time, the price of onion in Raitu Bazar is Tk 40 per kg. Apart from this, experts have said that the arrival of monsoon has been delayed. Its effect in such situations Onion crop Also seen above. That’s why there is not enough new onion production in the market till now. Due to this, the price has increased a lot.

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Arrival of hundreds of tons of onions

According to a Times of India analysis, traders said that supply of onion to the entire Andhra Pradesh comes from Ranul and Bellary in Karnataka. But, the supply of onion from these two places is much less than the requirement. Because of this onion has become a big problem in Andhra Pradesh. In such a situation, traders here are buying onions from Maharashtra. That is why the price of onion is increasing. For information, let us tell you that 600 tonnes of onion comes to Andhra Pradesh every day.

Onion cultivation has been delayed by about 120 days.

For your information, this time usually there is a delay due to rain Onion cultivation There is a delay of about 120 days. Traders believe that new onions will start arriving in the market from the first week of November. After this, the price of onion may also decrease a little. But for this people will have to wait for some time.

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