Agni Panchak 24 October 2023 During Panchak, start the Ravan Dahan ritual of Dussehra.

Agni Panchak 2023: Agni Panchak started on 24th October 2023 i.e. from today. Don’t make the mistake of doing good deeds for five days. Panchaka starting from Tuesday is called Agni Panchaka. During Agni Panchak one should not do any work related to Agni by mistake.

Apart from this, it is considered inauspicious to start construction work, work on machinery and equipment. Control anger or it can cause harm. This time Dussehra will be under the shadow of Agni Panchak. Since work related to fire is forbidden in Agni Panchak, how to burn Ravana on Dussehra day. Know the remedy and when will Agni Panchak end.

October Panchak 2023 (Agni Panchak October 2023)

  • Agni Panchak begins – 24 October 2023, 04.23 hrs
  • Agni Panchaka ends – 28 October 2023, 07.31 am

Shadows of Panchak on Dussehra day

Agni Panchak of October started from 4.43 am today. According to experts, during the burning of Ravana during Dussehra, to ward off the evil effects of panchaka, five effigies of Ravana are burnt along with them to remove the evil arising from panchaka and prevent any untoward incident. According to Shastras, if someone dies during Panchak, cremation rules have to be followed.

Agni Panchaka Niyama

Making a bed during Panchak is also considered inauspicious. It is said that doing so may cause a major crisis. Grass, wood etc. fuel should not be collected during Panchak as there is danger of fire. If you have to do this, you can buy wooden furniture by doing Havan of Mata Gayatri. Do not travel towards south as south direction is considered as Yama direction. Traveling towards south during this time is considered inauspicious. For any reason, if you have to travel south, offer 5 fruits to Hanuman temple before travel.

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