AMAZING DIGITAL POT: Automatic motor will run when water is needed, notification will come on mobile

If you are short of time and can’t take care of your house plants, then this digital pot can be very useful for you. Engineering students of AITH, Kanpur have developed a Digital Pot (POT). This container will tell when the plant needs water and automatically water as needed. This means that you no longer have to make time for plants.

At the same time, you can even go out of town for several days without worrying about your plants, because this digital pot is self-contained and can take care of itself. AITH institute chemical engineering students Himanshi Kushwaha, Niharika Gaur and many of their colleagues created this digital pot.

The container has a digital meter screen

Himanshi said, this container also has a digital meter screen. In it you can see the temperature, humidity and also the water can be stored in the container. In fact, sometimes the amount of water in a common container increases or decreases. Due to this the tree is also destroyed. Such problems can be avoided with the help of this digital tool.

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POT is created with the help of coding

Himanshi also stated that he developed it with the help of coding. Many types of sensors are also installed in it. If you store water in a container and leave your plants outside for a few days, the container will automatically hold water for several days.

All information is available over the phone

Niharika Gaur said that she wants to make it more affordable, so that common people can also use it. He said that he is now going to install sensors in this digital pot, through which you will get all the information on the phone itself.

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