Anupama Upcoming Episode Spoiler Anupama Master Plan Successful Samar Assassin Will Be Punished

Anupama Upcoming Episode Updates: Popular TV serial Anupama is seen in many dramas these days. Anupama is failing at every turn to get justice for her son Samar. Now, something big is going to happen with Anupama and Anuj in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Anupama used this technique to gather evidence for the summer case
In today’s episode of Anupama, it will be seen that Samar’s murderer Sonu will be acquitted in court due to lack of evidence. Sonu’s father Suresh Rathore will be seen celebrating this. On the other hand, if Samar’s murderer is acquitted, Anupama and Anuj will look helpless. But despite all this Anupama will not give up and hatches a master plan for Samar’s killer.

Samar’s killer got caught in Anupama’s master plan
In the latest promo of the show, Anupama can be heard saying, “Ravan will be burnt. It’s time to get justice for my son. I will get justice for him.” After this, Anupama will go to the same restaurant where Samar’s killer Sonu will be sitting. He would sit in front of him and say – “I don’t think you shot at my Samar.” Hearing this, Sonu will be shocked and will shoot at Anupama. At that time he will confess his crime and say, this is the gun with which I shot your son Samar.

Will Samar get justice now?
Now after watching it, the excitement of the audience has increased. It can be said that this time Sonu has fallen into Anupama’s trap and he himself has confessed his crime. But Anupama was able to capture this statement on his camera? Will this evidence strengthen Samar’s case? We have to wait for the next episode to know all this.

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