Apple working on redesigned Apple TV app, could come with TVS 17.2 update: Report

apple Working on a modified version of this Apple TV According to a Bloomberg report, the app will change how the video streaming app looks and works on the company’s smart TV box. Users may see the interface change to resemble the interface of competing services. The company will reportedly make the Apple TV app the only way to rent and buy movies on the platform, phasing out dedicated apps that offer the same functionality on the device.

Bloomberg reports that Apple The Apple TV app is being redesigned Including a new left-aligned side panel that will allow users to choose from different categories. This will make the design of the Apple TV app consistent with other apps NetflixAmazon’s Prime Videoand other streaming services that use the same design to navigate different sections for TV shows and movies.

Apart from the redesigned interface, Apple is also said to be working on simplifying the process of renting or buying content on the platform. Currently, users can buy or rent TV shows and movies on Apple TV by opening or through the Apple TV app iTunes App for both types of content. Apple will remove these iTunes apps as part of the redesigned experience.

This means that users will soon have to buy or rent TV shows and movies through the Apple TV app, while users who used to buy or rent content through the iTunes Store app on their iPhone or iPad will also have to use the Apple TV app, as movies and TV on the Cupertino company platform. The show wants to simplify the process of renting or buying.

These changes will reportedly be released by Apple in December. However, the Bloomberg report did not release any version of Apple’s version TVOS 17 While it will ship with a redesigned interface, the timeline suggests that Apple could roll out the revamped interface and replace the purchase with the tvOS 17.2 update, which is likely to roll out in December.

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