As a result of this project conducted by scientists, the farmers will become rich by cultivating sandalwood in a short time.

Farmers can earn crores of rupees by cultivating sandalwood at low cost. But, one has to wait 10-15 years for its yield, due to which only a few farmers cultivate sandalwood in the country. Also, the Central Soil and Salinity Research Institute is developing sandalwood plants that can be harvested in a short period of time.

The farmer brothers get a lot of profit from sandalwood production. Most of the farmers in India show their interest in its cultivation but they are unable to cultivate sandalwood due to lack of technology. Actually, one has to wait for a long time around 10-15 years to get profit from sandalwood tree. In line with this, the Central Soil and Salinity Research Institute has taken up an initiative to develop high-quality sandalwood trees. Currently, scientists are researching this work, so that farmers can get it within a short period of time. Sandalwood Cultivation So that maximum profit can be achieved. For your information, sandalwood is used for puja and various other auspicious activities. Due to this, both the demand and the price of sandalwood in the market increased at a significant rate.

Scientists are continuing the project on sandalwood

Scientists at the Central Soil and Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI) in Karnal are developing improved and quality sandalwood trees to increase farmers’ income. In this regard, agronomist Dr. Raj Kumar said, the work of this sandal tree project is being done under the direction of the director of the organization, Dr. RK Yadav. Even now, research is going on with the sandalwood tree. He spoke sandalwood tree Farmers have to wait 10-15 years to reap the benefits. Scientists have launched this project to reduce this long wait. In addition to this, important issues such as the number of trees to be kept near the sandalwood tree, how much fertilizer to give, how much water to give, etc., are also being worked on, so that the time interval of getting benefits from the sandalwood tree can be reduced. According to the reduced data, scientists have grown sandalwood saplings in one acre land at the institute.

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Sandalwood tree is very useful for farmers

According to agricultural scientists, the older the sandalwood tree, the higher its price in the market. If it is seen, a sandalwood tree is produced in about 15 years, then the price of that tree in the market can range from about 70 thousand to 2 lakh rupees. If you can imagine such a situation, then Sandalwood Cultivation By doing this, farmers can easily earn lakhs of rupees in a few years.

Sandalwood plants take food from other plants

Besides sandalwood, other trees are also planted. Because, this tree itself gets its nutrients from the roots of other trees. In fact, sandalwood tree roots attach themselves to the roots of other trees. Then he converts the dose he receives into his own dose, so that the plant can grow better.

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