Attention to what is the ‘Pradhan Mantri Kishan Tractor Yojana’, about which the government has warned, issued instructions

Are you collecting information about PM Kisan Tractor Project? Are you thinking of availing benefits under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Tractor Scheme? Are you among those farmers who are asking people about PM Kisan Tractor Yojana? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then please be careful. The government itself has given this advice as a precautionary measure. Govt calls PM Kishan tractor scheme fake.

In PIB fact check this bogus project information has been given by Govt. PIB Fact Check is a government-run campaign to debunk fake and unsubstantiated news. Through PIB Fact Check, the government warns people and differentiates between genuine and fake. These days there is a flood of fake news due to which the common man is in trouble. To overcome this problem, PIB fact check is run. In verification of this fact, the government termed the Pradhan Mantri Kishan Tractor Yojana as wrong.

What is PM Kisan Tractor Scheme?

In a tweet on PIB Fact Check, the government wrote, “A fake website is giving subsidy to farmers to buy tractors under the PM Kisan Tractor Scheme run by the Ministry of Agriculture, which is a completely false claim.” The government says the website is fake and its claims are also bogus. The government says the website is fraudulent and its claims cannot be trusted. According to the government, the Union Ministry of Agriculture is not running any such scheme.

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One such fake message is going viral on social media claiming that the government is giving loans of Rs 20,55,000 to people under PM Mudra Yojana. But while confirming the truth of this claim, the government termed the message as completely fake. In fact, the government says the message is fake. The government also said that if you are asked to click on a link in the name of giving a loan, do not do so. Or do not reply to any email or SMS. Doing so can lead to huge financial losses.

Beware of fake messages

In fact, fraudsters work to deceive common people through such fake messages. Either money is extorted from people by making huge demands or necessary information is sought through SMS or email. If a person falls victim to such messages, their bank details are stolen and money is later lost from the account. So the government has always instructed to beware of fake messages going viral on social media and not to share any of your information with anyone through any medium.

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