Be sure to know about the breed of sheep before raising them.

Sheep are raised mainly for wool production. Sheep is the best source of wool. Today we will give information about some breeds like Gaddi, Marwari, Mandya, Nellore and Deccani sheep.

Farmers keep sheep to meet their daily needs besides making a lot of profit. But, before raising sheep, it is important to have good knowledge about their breed. There are many breeds of sheep which besides producing high value wool Milk production is shifted for.

Learn about this breed of sheep

Gaddi sheep

Sheep of this breed are small in size. They are found in many areas of Jammu. Wool is the main reason for keeping this breed. Male sheep of this breed have horns and females are hornless. The fur of this breed is very shiny. We tell you that an average of 1.15 kg can be produced annually from each sheep, which is usually slaughtered three times a year.

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Deccan sheep

This breed is found in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. These sheep are raised for wool production. This breed of sheep is brown and black in color. They are excellent sheep for wool production. Each sheep of this breed produces about 5 kg of wool per year. This wool is of low quality, consisting mainly of a mixture of hair and fibres. In fact, it is mainly used to make thick blankets.

Manda sheep

This breed is mostly found in Manda district of Karnataka. The color of this sheep is white. However, sometimes it is also found with a light brown face. This breed is small in size. The average weight of a male sheep is about 35 kg. At the same time, a female sheep weighs about 25 kg.

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Nellore breed of sheep

The Nello breed of sheep is mainly found in parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. They are tall in stature with short hair. This breed is the tallest among other breeds in India. Also, it looks like a goat. The ears of Nello breed sheep are long and pendulous. Average body weight of male sheep is 36-38 kg. In good farm management female sheep weight is 28-30 kg. This breed has a long face, long ears and a body covered with thick short hair. Most of the sheep of this breed look red in color, hence people call them Nellore Red.

Marwari sheep

The Marwari breed of sheep has long legs, black face and prominent nose. The tail is short and pointed. This breed is mainly found in some areas of Jodhpur and Jaipur districts of Rajasthan. This sheep is also found in some districts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and some areas of Maharashtra.

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