Bigg Boss 17 Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt argued the actress won’t shout

Bigg Boss 17: Popular actors Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt were spotted missing from the Bigg Boss 17 house. Both are seen together most of the time in the show and are also seen somewhat confused about the game. That’s why Bigg Boss sent her on a date, so that she can discuss and understand things. Now a video of him has surfaced, in which he can be seen arguing about something.

Aishwarya and Neil argue

Both Aishwarya and Neil are seen sitting in the garden area. Aishwarya says to Neil – Why didn’t you listen to me? So what is blue? So Aishwarya says that when I said that I am not going to take anyone’s advice. I can’t take anyone’s advice. So Neel says – I have been telling you not to go for a long time. Why are you quarreling with me? After this, the two argue a bit and then Aishwarya asks Neil not to shout. So Neil says you are shouting about me for so long. Talking calmly for a long time. Don’t yell at me either. Aishwarya keeps saying don’t shout.

This promo video of Aishwarya and Neil was shared on Jio Cinema’s social media handle. The caption of this video read – Neil and Aishwarya had a conflict, can they resolve their tension?

We tell you that Neil and Aishwarya rose to fame from the show Gumu Hai Kisi Ke Pair Mein. She played the role of a lover in this show.

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