Bigg Boss 17 Episode 7 Written Live Updates Kangana Ranaut Khel Contestant Ankita Lokhande Tags Mannara To Save Isha Malviya

Bigg Boss 17 Episode Day 7: Bollywood actor Salman Khan hosted reality show Bigg Boss season 17 completed a week today. Meanwhile, the housemates received a lot of scolding from Salman in the first weekend battle of the season.

One week of Bigg Boss season 17 has come to an end

While Salman Khan gave classes to many housemates in the first weekend of the show, he also had a lot of fun with houseguests Kriti Shannon and Tiger Shroff. Now on the second day of weekend var i.e. today Kangana Ranaut was seen on the show.

Kangana Ranaut was spotted on the show on the second day of Weekend Ka Vaar.

Kangana Ranaut and Salman Khan had a lot of fun together on stage. Kangana hosted the show impersonating Salman and then Bhaijaan comes from behind and Kangana is shocked to see him. Then they both laughed at each other. Bhaijaan hugs Kangana and welcomes her. Salman Tejse then asked about Kangana’s alleged dialogue, is this your dialogue? In response, Kangana said, if you tease her, she will not leave you.

Bhaijaan flirted with Kangana Ranaut on stage!

This time Salman asked Kangana, what do you do if a co-star flirts with you? To which the actress replied, it depends on the person being flirted with. After this, Kangana asks Salman to show his flirting skills. He said that many girls want to see your charm. Then what happened Bhaijaan also started.

While flirting with Kangana, Salman Khan says, you look very beautiful. What are you doing after the next 10 years? Salman Khan started laughing while saying this. Then both of them danced loudly. We tell you that three contestants Manara Chopra, Naved Sole and Abhishek Kumar have been nominated this week.

Ankita calls Manna brainless

In the game presented by Salman Khan, who is the most insecure, Mannara Chopra and Ankita Lokhand once again had a heated argument. Both call each other fake and Mannara says that Ankita does all the drama for the camera. Ankita takes revenge by calling Mannara brainless.

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