Bigg Boss 17 Episode 9 Written Live Updates Munawar contestants Neil and Aishwarya nominated

Bigg Boss 17 Episode Day 9: After the first week of the reality show Bigg Boss 17 is over now Bigg Boss 17 has reached the second week. Some contestants are seen forming bonds on the show, while some also see rifts between them. All the housemates have completed 9 days stay in the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss has decided to do something different in such a situation.

All family members will exchange houses!

By your will, we have seen this house run for a week with all our heart, mind and soul. But as per my one week observation, some family members need to change their house. Bigg Boss says, I think Mannara Chopra has so much brain that she can run this house with her intelligence, that’s why Mannara is given the house no. Send to 2.

Bigg Boss house no was sent to Abhishek in 1974

Whereas in Dilwale house, how to keep lovers couple apart, then how to keep Abhishek apart, that’s why Abhishek is kept in Dilwale house. Send to 1. The Bigg Boss nomination process is done in a very new and fun way.

Munawar nominated Neil and Aishwarya in a poetic style

Bigg Boss asks Munabbar to tell who is nominated for eviction this week. Munawar then names Neil and Aishwarya in a poetic style and says that Aishwarya and Neil, you will never attack them from behind. I know you are afraid to come forward. This phase of sheep behavior is still going on, where some find the target easy and shoot. What is hidden behind this cheerful smile? Giving poison and saying syrup.

A fierce fight between Abhishek and Isha

Once again things are going bad between Abhishek and Isha. When Abhishek asks Isha to sit near him, Isha gets up and leaves, after which Abhishek goes behind her and starts shouting loudly. Abhishek is heard saying – ‘I don’t care about anyone in this house except you, if you treat me differently then I will go crazy’.

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