Bigg Boss 17 Vicky Jain taunts wife Ankita Lokhande I am not your slave | Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain furious with wife Ankita Lokhand, says

Bigg Boss 17: TV’s most controversial show Bigg Boss 17 has started. Celebs are often seen fighting on the show. TV star Ankita Lokhande came to the show with her husband Vicky Jain. Ankita and Vicky have been making headlines ever since they entered the show. Ankita is often seen complaining to Vicky. Now in Monday’s episode Ankita and Vicky have a fierce fight. Both were discussing the game and fighting with each other.

In the episode, Ankita and Vicky were talking in bed. Ankita tells Vicky that she is playing the game very well but he is not supporting her in the game and she feels lonely.

I am not your slave
Vicky gets angry hearing Ankita and says – I am not your slave, I will play the game as I want. Vicky gets angry and says – they do this, they stay away not talking to each other. Ankita starts crying after hearing Vicky’s words.

There was a rough patch in life.
Vicky asks Ankita to talk to her with love and respect as she has always supported him and he is not her slave. Vicky also says that there was a touch-patch in her life where she supported him a lot. Not only this, Vicky tells Ankita that she is free to do anything for the game. Ankita then starts crying and says that she cannot stay inside the house.

While Ankita and Vicky are seen fighting on the show, others are seen teasing Munawar Farooqui and Mannara Chopra for their friendship.

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