Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka War Ankita Lokhande- Vicky Jain Lip-Lock Dance Kangana Ranaut Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan’s show ‘Bigg Boss 17’ is making headlines. All the contestants of the show are trying to give their best. Salman Khan gave a good news to the fans in the first weekend battle. In fact, Mannara Chopra, Abhishek and Naved were nominated for eviction this week. But Salman Khan says that the festive season is on, so there will be no exceptions this week. Everyone was very happy to hear that.

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Liplock

Actress Kangana Ranaut was also seen at the show. She visited the Bigg Boss 17 house to promote her film Tejas. This time, Kangana makes all the contestants do fun things. He tested a chemistry between the couple Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain and Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt. He asks both the couples to dance. Two couples danced loudly. Ankita and Vicky were seen getting lost in each other while dancing. She was also seen locking lips at the end of the dance. His dance is viral on social media.

Kangana had a secret talk with Ankita!

Everyone knows that Kangana and Ankita share a good bond. Ankita made her Bollywood debut with Kangana’s film Manikarnika. Good bonding was seen between them in the Bigg Boss house too. Kangana says she is fully supporting Ankita and Vicky. As Kangana exits the show, Kangana and Ankita are also seen talking alone. But what happened between the two is yet to be revealed.

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