Bigg Boss Season 17 Abhishek Kumar Reveals Esha Malviya Truth Says She Used Boys | Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Kumar reveals Esha Malviya in the Bigg Boss house, says

Bigg Boss Season 17: In the second week, former Miss India Manasvi Mamgai and Esha Malvia’s current boyfriend Samarth Jurel made a wild card entry in TV’s most controversial show ‘Bigg Boss 17’. As soon as Samarth entered the show, the atmosphere in the house changed. On one hand, Isha is shocked to see him, on the other Abhishek is heartbroken again. But in the meantime, Abhishek made a revelation about Isha which surprised the users quite a bit.

Abhishek said a lot about Isha
In fact, after Isha accepts the supporter as her lover, Abhishek also agrees to move forward. After the atmosphere in the house calmed down a bit, Abhishek was discussing something with Vicky Jain. Meanwhile, he said that when he was in a relationship with Isha, he used to associate with every boy and he did not like this. This time Abhishek also said that he thinks Isha uses boys.

Isha has dated many boys!
Abhishek revealed- Before I had a son in Udaria for three months, then I came into Esha’s life and now this (Samarth). Hearing this, Vicky says – she has the same graph with everyone. This means he gets instant connection with everyone.

Isha uses boys- Abhishek
Abhishek also said that – “According to me, he used to, I didn’t want to say it. But I feel like that now. I think things will get worse for him (Samarth) in the future as well. Because he is very serious in the relationship and she (Isha) is not at all.” didn’t cry.”

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