Bigg Boss Season 17 Anurag Doval questions on show Bigg Boss YouTuber angry with UK Ryder

Bigg Boss 17: The popular TV show ‘Bigg Boss 17’ is in the headlines these days. The show sees each contestant doing something to entertain the audience. Some people are seen building relationships and some people are seen fighting. Meanwhile, YouTuber Anurag Doval has made many allegations against Bigg Boss.

Anurag made these allegations on Bigg Boss
Anurag accused Bigg Boss that this game is only for TV people. Not only this, he also said that if Bigg Boss favors TV people, only TV people should have been given the platform. Why bring us? Whatever we do, it is not shown to us. In all of this, our number ends. Bigg Boss is angry with Anurag’s statement.

Bigg Boss starts Anurag Doval’s class
Bigg Boss gave Anurag a tough class. He gathered everyone at the Bigg Boss locale and gave a befitting reply to Anurag’s allegations. Bigg Boss says, Anurag, let me give you full screen time. Since the weekend, you’ve been hearing people say that this show isn’t for couples, TV people, etc. He said, I am biased towards TV people. Anurag, I made it clear on day one that I would be biased towards those running my show.

Anurag’s game plan was revealed
Bigg Boss also said, Anurag, you are speaking against the TV community and inciting the social community against it. Anurag is a fish polluting the pond. After this Bigg Boss also said that whatever is attractive on the show automatically becomes the favorite of the camera. You don’t get fudge sitting in a corner.

After that, Bigg Boss asked many of the contestants whether what they are saying about Anurag is true or not. In response to which everyone supported Bigg Boss and called him right. With this, Bigg Boss explains Anurag’s game plan and says that Anurag raised the issue of responsibility in the first week and now he wants to play TV vs YouTubers.

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