Bihar Weather News: Weather in Bihar will remain dry in coming days, conducive to mustard and coriander cultivation.

With the departure of monsoon from Bihar, people are experiencing mild winter in dry weather. Tremors increased in the morning. According to Patna Meteorological Department, no change in weather pattern is expected from October 17 to 23. The weather will remain dry for the next four to five days from October 18. In view of this, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University scientists say, during this time farmers can cultivate mustard and mustard. Also, this is the perfect time for sunflower and coriander cultivation. Apart from this, farmers have to start preparations for rabi season cultivation. In the coming days, the maximum temperature in the state is expected to be between 30-32 degrees Celsius and minimum temperature between 18-20 degrees Celsius.

Let us tell you that in the last one week some districts of the state have received light rains with one or two heavy storms, due to which paddy grains have fallen on the ground in some places. Due to this, the farmers are disappointed. Farmers say that the crops damaged due to the rains of the last few days, the rice seedlings near the roads and gardens were more damaged. On the other hand, the growing paddy crop was more damaged due to the impact of the storm. In this situation, fine rice seedlings are damaged more than coarse rice.

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Suitable time for mustard-rye cultivation

According to agricultural scientists of Pusa Agricultural University, Samastipur, this is the perfect time for mustard cultivation. During this period, farmers in the state can cultivate mustard and mustard seeds. For mustard, farmers can use improved varieties like 66-197-3, Rajendra Mustard-1 and Gold. Whereas Varun, Pusa bold, Kranti, Pusa mehak and Rajendra Suphalam seeds can be used for mustard. 05 kg of seed per hectare is required during its cultivation. At the same time, the row to row spacing should be 30 by 10 cm for its cultivation. Besides, this time is also suitable for cultivation of sunflower and coriander. For coriander cultivation, farmers can choose Rajendra Swati, Pant Hartima, Kumarganj Selection and Hisar Anand. Through this, farmers can start preparations for cultivation of potatoes, maize, chickpeas, peas, kidney beans, fenugreek and garlic.

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Borer disease risk in vegetables

The risk of disease increases in vegetables during the month of October. In particular, eggplant, tomatoes, cauliflower and peppers are prone to pest infestations. If the fruit and stem are affected at this stage, break them both and bury them in the ground. In case of severe infestation, farmers can spray Spinosad 48 EC at 01 ml per 04 liters of water.

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