Business Idea: Animal feed business will have bumper income, know how to start

Business Plan: These days business craze has also increased along with jobs. Even in rural areas farmers are now giving preference to agriculture as well as business. If you also want to earn a lot of money living in a village or a nearby town, we will give you one business plan giving it is Animal feed manufacturing business is With this business you can earn a lot of money throughout the year. It is in demand every season. In this you can also make animal feed using agricultural residues like corn husk, wheat husk, grain, cake, grass etc. Special attention has also been paid to animal feed.

License is required to start this business. Apart from license there are many other rules of this business. which must be followed. Fodder business for dairy animals is very profitable.

Licensing and registration for animal feed business

After choosing the name of the fodder farm it has to be registered in the Shopping Act. After that, food license should be taken from FSSAI. Then to pay taxes to the government, GST registration is also required. Apart from this, you will need many types of machines (Animal Fodder Machines) for making animal fodder. Not only that, NOC should also be taken from the Department of Environment. License should also be taken from Animal Husbandry Department. If you want to start a pet food business under your own brand name, you will also need to get a trademark. BIS certification should also be made as per ISI standards.

Business Idea: Start fruit and vegetable packing business with government help, you will earn a lot every month.

Loans available for fodder business

Many state governments provide loans for self-employment. You can take this loan for this business. Also, one can take a loan of up to Rs 10 lakh under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana.

These machines will require

Feed grinder machine, cattle feed machine, mixer machine for mixing and weigh machine for weighing feed will be required.

Earn lots of money from animal feed business

A large number of people in rural areas are rearing animals. It is emerging as the biggest source of income for farmers. In such a situation, you will continue to receive fodder orders. Once your business starts running, you can easily earn profits of lakhs per month.

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