Business Idea: Cotton Bud Business Will Make You Rich, Know How To Start

Business Plan: India’s growing population is increasing the demand for products in the market. In such a situation, in view of the increasing demand for the product, you cotton buds well business plan can be proved Cost is very low and profit is high. Government of India is also promoting Made in India. Financial assistance is available for new startups and businesses. You can also start a cotton bud business at home. You can make cotton buds by machine. Smaller machines can be used in initial stages.

To make cotton buds, use a thin stick made of plastic or wood. Cotton is applied at both ends. So that they are used to clean the ears, they cannot harm them. These are called cotton buds or cotton swabs.

Materials for making cotton bud

The sticks used to make cotton buds are usually made of wood. They are also eco friendly. Comes with wooden spindle. Its length should be 5 cm to 7 cm. Easily available in market at nominal price. This cotton will be needed later. which you will attach to both ends of the spindle. You can easily get cotton in the market at a low price.

adhesive material

To stick cotton on both sides of the buds, you need to use an adhesive substance that is applied to both ends of it. so that the sticky cotton can adhere firmly to it.


After the cotton buds are fully prepared, apply the cellulose polymer chemical on them. So that there is no stain and fungus in the cotton. Due to this cotton bud lasts longer and does not spoil.

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How to earn from cotton bud

After making cotton buds, you can sell them to medical stores, hospitals, testing labs, cosmetic product stores, beauty parlor centers, electronic repairing markets, painting products markets. Nowadays there are mini stores, general stores where many medical equipments etc. are sold. Cotton buds can also be sold there.

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