Business idea: Malabar neem tree will make you rich, it is used to make matches and pencils.

Business Plan: Now in this economic age many educated people are turning towards agriculture. If you also want to become a millionaire in a very short time, today we are giving you a business idea that will make you rich in just 5 years. you Cultivation of Malabar Neem You can try your luck by doing this. Along with crops, these trees can also be planted. Due to which you will not need additional land. Malabar Neem or Melia dubia: This plant is known by many names. Cultivation of neem trees in Malabar is a profitable venture.

Experts believe that Malabar neem wood is used for many purposes. Its wood is also used for packing, making matchsticks, chairs, tables, sofas and other purposes. Farmers can earn lakhs by farming. The wood of this tree is sold at a high price in the market.

How to plant Malabar neem tree?

The Malabar neem tree is slightly different from the common neem. Can be easily cultivated in all types of soil. It does not require much water. They can grow well in low water. It is considered best to sow its seeds in March and April. It grows in all types of soil. 5000 trees can be planted in 4 acres of Malabar neem. Out of which 2000 trees can be planted on the outer edge of the field and 3000 trees inside the field. Its plants grow up to 40 feet tall within 2 years after planting. Farmers in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala are cultivating this tree on a large scale.

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This is how it is used

It became useful for timber supply within five years. Its tree grows to a height of 08 feet in a year. Its demand is high because its plants are not affected by termites. Its wood is considered the most preferred species for the plywood industry. After 5 years it is used to make plywood and after 8 years to make furniture. As the tree ages. Income also increases in the same way.

Derived from the neem tree of Malabar

The wood of the Malabar neem tree can be sold after eight years. By cultivating 4 acres of land you can easily earn up to 50 lakh rupees. A tree weighs one and a half to two tons. In the market it is sold for at least Rs 500 per quintal. In such a situation, even if a tree is sold for 6000-7000 rupees, the farmers can easily earn lakhs of rupees.

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