Business Idea: Start fruit and vegetable packing business with government help, you will earn a lot every month.

Business Plan: Currently many types of business are started in this economic era. From where you can earn a lot of income even sitting at home. Many opportunities are also being created for farmers. However, the country’s farmers are no longer limited to agriculture. They are also trying their hand at other agriculture related businesses like animal husbandry, fish farming, poultry farming and dairy farming. These days the weather also becomes quite unseasonal. In this situation it is a big task for the farmers to manage their produce. In this series, you can learn how to store fruits and vegetables safely. Pack House can establish

Government of Bihar is also providing subsidy for construction of pack houses. This includes subsidies ranging from 50 percent to 75 percent. The demand for pack houses for export of fruits and vegetables abroad is increasing rapidly.

Subsidy available for pack house business

Government of Bihar is emphasizing on setting up of pack houses for proper packing of vegetables and fruits. Farmers are being subsidized up to 50 percent. The price of these packing houses is around 4 lakhs. If 50 percent subsidy is given in this, the farmers will easily get a total of Tk 2 lakh as grant. Also farmer groups affiliated to FPO/FPC will get a total subsidy of 75 percent i.e. Rs.3 lakh. This subsidy is provided by the Department of Agriculture, Directorate of Horticulture, Bihar for the construction of pack houses under the Integrated Horticulture Development Mission scheme.

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Apply like this

To avail the subsidy scheme for Pack House (MIDH) from Bihar Department of Agriculture, Directorate of Horticulture, you can visit the official portal For more information, you can also contact the Assistant Director of Horticulture of the nearest district. If you want subsidy to build a pack house, you have to apply offline. After setting up the pack house unit, it is inspected by the Inquiry Committee of the Department of Agriculture (Bihar Agriculture Department). After verification, the subsidy amount is paid to the beneficiary farmer. Apart from pack houses, Bihar government is giving bumper subsidy to farmers in cold storage.

Build a packed house like this

Storage facilities are provided in pack houses to keep horticultural crops like fruits and vegetables fresh. Along with this, there are strict arrangements for packaging and grading. So that agricultural products are not damaged during export. Also, for freshness of fruits and vegetables, you can buy and install zero energy cool chambers for storage and fruit packing machines for packaging.

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