Business Idea: Start this superhit business on the occasion of Diwali, you will earn lakhs

Business Plan: Currently in this economic age the market is only for money. There are many ways to earn money. Some earn money through jobs. Some earn through business. If you also want to earn big money through business, then we are telling you some business ideas. These are the businesses. Who can earn a lot of money during festive seasons like Diwali. They don’t require a huge amount of money to start. You can earn by selling electric lights, decoration products to clay lamps.

However, in order to run any business, there is a demand for that product in the market. India is a land of festivals. Some festivals are held here in 12 months of the year. Currently festivals like Diwali, Chhat Puja are coming up. During this time demand for many items such as candles increased.

Make a lot of money from colored candles

In the past few years, the demand for colorful candles to decorate homes on Diwali has increased significantly. In such situation you can make good income by making colorful candles. Starting this candle making business will not cost you much. You can start it with just Rs 10,000. No machine is required for this. You can easily get raw materials for making candles. You can easily make a candle by pouring wax with a mold. You can use different molds for different candle designs.

Electronic lights

Be it houses, shops or government buildings, everything is illuminated with colorful lights on the occasion of Diwali. Electric lights used for this decoration are in great demand. You can start this decorative lights business on a small scale. According to your budget, you can buy ready-made lights from the wholesale market and sell them in the nearest market. It also earns good margins. You can sell your products through online platforms.

Business idea: Malabar neem tree will make you rich, it is used to make matches and pencils.

Decorative items

On the occasion of Diwali, people decorate their homes and establishments with colorful chandeliers and lights. Besides this it is decorated with various types of decorations. You can prepare these decorative products yourself through your creativity. Apart from this you can earn huge profits by buying from wholesale market and selling in retail.

Clay lamp

Clay lamps have special importance in this festival of lights. In such a situation, the demand for earthen lamps is high. You can make this lamp yourself. They can be made by potters and designed in various ways. Other goods these days. Just like designer lamps are also in great demand. These can be seen being sold from retail markets to online platforms.

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