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In which month are onions cultivated? Onion cultivation. How to plant onion nursery? Onion cultivation. Improved Onion Cultivation. How to plant onions? How to prepare onion seeds-

Being a profitable and well-demanded vegetable crop, it is cultivated in almost all states of India. A conscious farmer looks for every solution for more production. In the Indian market throughout the year Onion demand Farmer with livelihood Latest methods of onion cultivation Good profit can be earned from. Let’s know when and how to grow onion and complete information about onion cultivation-

Onion cultivation

Information about Onion Cultivation (How to Cultivate Onion in Hindi) –

learn Onion nursery Journey from Onion Market-

Nursery Preparation or Seedling Preparation –

Onion nursery ready Before doing this it must be fixed Onion Rabi For seasonal or kharif crops.

For nursery Onion seeds 3 to 3.5 kg seeds per acre needed. 8 to 9 kg per hectare Onion seeds is required.

Onion cultivation
order S. Kharif crop of onion Onion is a rabi crop
1 To prepare Kharif crops Onion nursery Can be prepared from June 15 to July 15. And its nursery is ready in 40 to 45 days. farmer Ready nursery for Rabi crops If so, the nursery can be made during November-December.
2 35 to 40 days Planting or planting onion seedlings in the ground It deserves it. For planting after 40 to 45 days i.e. January-February Onion nursery planting Prepared.

Climate and Soil for Onion Cultivation-

Talking about climate, there is no too cold or too hot weather for this cultivar, but when onion bulb mature atmosphere Temperature 30 to 35 degrees Must have centigrade.

Onion cultivation It can be cultivated successfully in almost all states of India, on yellow soils, loamy soils and well-drained soils. Cultivation is less efficient in more acidic and alkaline soils, ie the soil needs to be rich in fossils. PH value is 6.5 to 7.5 Suitable for rich soils.

Onion cultivation

Onion Cultivation Time-

Onion cultivation Farmers can do this twice a year – during Rabi and Kharif seasons. in bad weather Improved Onion Cultivation August-September-first week of October for farmers Planting onions I can

If the farmer Improved onion cultivation in rabi season If you want to do it, January to February Planting onions I can do it in Rabi season Good time for onion cultivation is

Onion cultivation

Improved Onion Varieties-

rabi Onion varieties for sowing Improved varieties of onion for Kharif sowing
Pusa is red
asked Ratana
Agri Found Rose
Kalyanpur raid round
Arca Records
Agri was found to be dark red,
F-1 Hybrid Seed Onion
Brown Spanish

Onion plant to plant distance-

Plant to plant distance of 8 to 10 cm should be kept and row to row distance of 8 cm is sufficient.

How many days onions should be watered?

Drip irrigation system for onion cultivation Irrigation can be done through well and drain/bed system. Both the systems can produce good crop.

Talking about irrigation, in many states of the country Before planting onion seedlings Give water once. In many states After onion planting If the land is irrigated, the farmer should first irrigate according to the moisture content of his land. After the first irrigation, the land should be watered at an interval of 8 to 10 days.

Onion cultivation

Which fertilizer should be used in onion cultivation?

Talking about fertilizers in its cultivation, use organic fertilizers as far as possible. If the farmer wants to include chemical fertilizers – then Single Super Phosphate, DAP, urea, cooked cowdung manure After watering the land, the soil should be well turned 2-3 times with the help of Rotaver.

About 15 days before sowing, apply cooked cowdung manure to the land and turn the soil with plow or cultivator. At the rate of 25-30 tonnes per hectare on prepared land.

Onion cultivation

Herbicide/Weed Control in Onion Cultivation-

Weed control in onion cultivation For this, firstly with the help of laborers and secondly by using chemical drugs, unnecessary weeds can be removed from the field. If the farmer removes the weeds with the help of laborers, the whole crop should be removed with a spade twice.

Apart from this, the use of chemical drugs is seen by the farmers Adama decal herbicide can spray Note: Before using it, irrigate the land, as it is very important to have moisture in the field before using it.

When to cut onion-

when Onion crop Onion should be plucked when it starts turning yellow, it means the last stage of harvest. Onion cultivation Irrigation should be stopped 15 days before the ripening time and the field should be kept open for 10 to 15 days. It should be properly dried, so that no disease like tuber or any other problem occurs during storage of onions.

Onion production per acre-

Its production according to the land then Onion field from 100 quintal production per acre It may be that if farmers do well, production may increase and production may also decrease. It all depends on cultivation maintenance and field preparation, weather etc.

Onion cultivation

Where are the most cultivated onions?

talk about States and areas with high onion production in the country So, all these places like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar have good production of onion.

Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of onions in India. ,

of the country running in 2023 50 largest farmer projects to see- link

How are onion seeds sown?

Onion seeds for nursery 3 to 3.5 kg of seed is required per acre. or 8 to 9 kg for one hectare. Onion seeds is required.

How many days does onion cultivation take?

If the farmer sows the seeds directly, the crop Ready in 120 to 140 days It occurs when seedlings are grown from nursery, 60 to 90 days Onion crop is fully ready.

Onion nursery is ready in how many days?

To prepare Kharif crops Onion nursery Can be prepared from June 15 to July 15. his Nursery 40 to 45 days i am ready

In which month are onions cultivated?

Onion nursery ready Before doing this, it must be confirmed onion rabi the season Are they for Kharif crops?

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