Cyclone Hamun: Cyclone Hamun has turned into a severe cyclone, these 5 states are likely to receive heavy rains

Cyclone Hamun has intensified into a severe cyclonic storm in northwest Bay of Bengal. India Meteorological Department reported this information on Tuesday. According to the Meteorological Agency, Cyclone Hamun will move north-northeast. Current forecasts show that the storm has yet to ‘make landfall’ anywhere. That means the storm has yet to make its impact on the ground. But it may reach Bangladesh on Wednesday, October 25. It is expected to turn into a deep mess between Khepupura and Chittagong in Bangladesh.

Rain may occur in these areas

Some states of the country may record moderate to heavy rainfall due to this Cyclone Hamun originating in the Bay of Bengal. There is a possibility of rain in the northeastern states of the country. Apart from Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya, south Assam is likely to receive rain. Mizoram is likely to receive very heavy rains on October 24 i.e. Tuesday while Tripura is also likely to receive heavy rains. As per the forecast, due to Cyclone Hamun, heavy rainfall is expected in all these areas till October 25. After October 26 it will be seen to decrease. Moderate rainfall will be recorded at many places on this day.

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Humun’s influence deepened in the coastal districts of Odisha

The Meteorological Department said light to moderate rains are likely over South Assam and East Meghalaya on October 24-25. Also, heavy rain is likely at several places in South Assam. The coastal districts of Odisha are under the deep influence of Humun. Under these conditions, light to moderate rainfall is likely at most places on October 24. In these districts, the Meteorological Department had earlier announced that there will be rain on Dussehra and this Dussehra will be heavy with water this time. Meteorological Department’s predictions are proving true.

Similarly, the coastal districts of West Bengal have also been asked to be prepared for bad weather. Dussehra may also rain in these districts. The Meteorological Department has forecast light to moderate rain at most places and heavy rain at isolated places over coastal West Bengal on Tuesday, October 24. As per current situation, Cyclone Hamun is blowing strong winds over Bay of Bengal and East India.

Strong winds are expected till October 24

Strong winds of 40-50 kmph to 60 kmph are expected in and around Odisha coast till October 24. This wind will start blowing along the coast of West Bengal, Bangladesh and North Myanmar from the morning of October 24. They can grow slowly, reaching 55-65 km per hour. Strong winds will reach 50-75 kmph along and off the coast of Bangladesh.

Strong winds of 40-50 kmph to 60 kmph may occur over Mizoram and Tripura on October 25. Gusty winds of 30-40 kmph with a maximum of 50 kmph are expected over South Assam and Manipur on Wednesday.

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