Deepika Kakar has been a victim of an online delivery scam, asking fans to be aware

Deepika Kakar cheated on: Actress Deepika Kakkar is currently enjoying motherhood. He is spending time with his son Ruhan. Deepika also creates vlogs on YouTube and shares updates related to her life with her fans. This time Deepika said that she was cheated. Deepika told this information on YouTube.

Scandal happened with Deepika

Deepika said in her vlog, ‘3-4 days ago a parcel arrived at my house ma’am it’s cash on delivery. So I keep ordering things online for Ruhan and myself. So I gave the cash and took it. I was busy with something because the parcel had my name, my phone number and my address. But when I opened it, there was something I didn’t order. So it was very strange.

‘The next day three or four parcels arrived again. So I said it’s not mine. So he said that the OTP will come only on Ma’am Karsan’s number, so I gave it. Three people came this morning and two in the afternoon so I didn’t agree. Then I found out that it is a scam. So if this happens to you, please be careful. Please don’t take order and don’t give OTP.

We tell you that Deepika has taken a break from work these days. She is giving her full attention to raising her son. Apart from this, Deepika’s house has recently been renovated. So this actress is giving time in home design. Deepika’s vlog is much loved by fans.

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