Do you play BGMI? Now comes a cool crate in the game; See what specials are available

BGMI New Update: Battlegrounds Mobile India i.e. BGMI recently launched new Zombie Edge theme with its latest 2.8 update. To make the game even scarier, the company has now added a “Box of Horrors” to it, featuring a brand new “Skull Crate”. This crate offers many amazing gifts that you will want to unlock. Let us know about it in detail.

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Through its official Instagram account, BGMI has also revealed the latest Skull Crate for gamers and the gifts that come with it. Also, the company said that this crate is now available in the game, players can open it using the in-game currency i.e. UC to enjoy it.

What’s special about crates?

Interestingly, the new crate also comes with exclusive Halloween-themed items like the Skeletal Chevalier Set, Chaosbound Shackle Set, Chaosbound Shackle-MK47 and Sweet Jaunt Parachute. You can open these “crates” by going to the menu. All you need to do is select “School Crate” and the item will appear on the right side of your screen. After that you can open it by clicking on Open.

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Great clothes are available

Earlier, to make the Halloween season more spectacular in the game, the company launched the Wicked Night Crate, under which players get gothic gentleman costumes and many amazing gifts. However, to open it also you need to use the in-game currency i.e. UC.

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