Dussehra 2023 Ways Donate Money Get Prosperity Vijayadashami Remedies

Dussehra 2023 Puja: Dussehra, symbolizing the victory of truth over falsehood, will be celebrated on 24 October 2023. Vijayadasami is celebrated on the tenth day of Ashwin Shuklapaksha every year. On this day Lord Purushottam Rama killed the ten-headed Ravana.

Along with that, the idol of Maa Durga was also sacrificed. Dussehra day is considered auspicious in the year. Akshaya (that which never decays) gets merit by doing some special work and arrangements on this day. Know Dussehra remedies.

Dussehra Upay

Relief from disease- If you perform Sundarkanda at home on Dussehra, you will get rid of all diseases. There is a ritual to perform Havan on this day. Also if someone in the house is sick every day then on Dussehra strike a coconut on the patient’s head 7 times and throw it in the burning fire of Ravana. It will provide health benefits.

Business Progress- It is believed that wrapping a coconut in yellow cloth, donating sweets and a sacred thread to the Ram temple on the day of Dussehra brings profit in lagging business. Business doubles during the day and quadruples at night.

Relief from Saturn’s mahadasa- Planting a shami tree on Dussehra or lighting a mustard oil lamp under the shami tree in the evening reduces the malefic effects of Saturn’s sadasati and dhiya.

Aparajita Puja- Goddess Aparajita Goddess Aparajita should be worshiped at the moment of victory on the day of Dussehra. It is believed that victory is achieved in every case. While worshiping Goddess Aparajita, chant the mantra Om Aparajitay Namah 108 times. Sri Rama also worshiped Goddess Aparajita to defeat Ravana.

Secret donation will give financial benefits – After worshiping Lakshmi on the evening of Dussehra, Goddess Lakshmi is very happy by secretly donating food, brooms and clothes. There is no poverty at home. You will get financial benefits. Along with this, the buying and selling of vehicles, gold and land has also increased on the occasion of Dussehra.

10 Deliverance from Evil – Every year on the day of Dussehra, an effigy of the wicked ten-headed Ravana is burnt. Anger, greed, illusion, violence, selfishness, inhumanity, addiction, injustice and pride are associated with this. It is said that while burning the effigy of Ravana, one should take a pledge to burn all these evil spirits from the root. It brings happiness and prosperity in life.

weapon worship- It is said that worshiping weapons on Vijayadashami completes all works. One is blessed with victory. On this day people worship vehicles, instruments, musical instruments, all the tools that are a part of their daily routine. It is believed that worshiping them and offering them on the day of Dussehra brings prosperity.

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