El Nino: El Nino will remain active until May 2024, the US Meteorological Agency has warned

The country and the world are not going to get relief from El Nino anytime soon. Its impact in India was expected to last till January next year. But the new report seems to be extending its validity. The US Meteorological Agency said that El Nino’s effects could last until May 2024. If this fear proves to be true, an agricultural country like India may have to face a big loss. This is being said because this El Niño will cause damage to Rabi crops ranging from grains to oilseeds and pulses.

El Niño is a weather phenomenon caused by the warming of ocean waters. When these winds blow over plains or other regions, many changes in weather occur. The most notable of these changes is drought which is common in India. In Asia, this El Niño emerged as a major villain, causing severe drought conditions in many agricultural countries. If the claim of the American organization is true, then many Asian countries including India will not be spared from El Nino till May next year. Its influence continues in India as well.

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What the American company said

According to the US weather agency Climate Prediction Center, the effects of El Nino will be seen in Asia by May 2024. According to a report by the Meteorological Agency, the effect of this El Niño can also be seen on cold day temperatures. This means it won’t be too cold due to El Nino and the rainfall will be less. If this happens, many rabi crops will be severely damaged. Such as wheat crops which require rain with cool temperatures. A sudden increase in heat during the wheat season can reduce yields as seen earlier this year.

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