Elections 2023: Poll fakers now face jail, govt tightens legal trap on WhatsApp

2024 Lok Sabha Elections: Now, legal action can be taken against sending fake messages or fake news on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp can be brought under the law under this new law. If someone sends a deepfake or fake message, WhatsApp needs to tell who sent the message. It is sent so that appropriate action can be taken against the person sending the fake message.

While WhatsApp is famous all over the world for the privacy of its users and it often brings new updates for the privacy of its users, but now WhatsApp may be brought under the legal ambit ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in India.

Appropriate legal action can be taken against anti-social elements spreading fake news and not reaching the masses.

Now the time of 2024 Lok Sabha elections is slowly approaching and during this election, there is a flood of fake messages or deep fake messages etc. on social media, where people send fake messages to mislead people.

And these fake sending process messages are often seen on WhatsApp, the American instant messaging platform that is the most used messaging service in India.

Now the Indian government has started preparing to deal with people sending such fake messages. Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024, the government is mulling a law for fake messengers, in which case, the law, WhatsApp will be banned.

If the government brings a law against spammers, WhatsApp will have to provide full details about the person sending the fake message, while the instant messaging platform will have to tell who sent the fake message, on the other hand. Meta said that it would be very difficult for it to disclose these details.

The Meta platform said that doing so could greatly undermine people’s privacy and that the company does not keep information about conversations between two people. .

Action will be taken against those who create fake videos or pictures of politicians

According to media reports, it is being reported that WhatsApp will specifically collect information about people who create fake videos or photos of politicians and share them.

Under the Information Technology (IT) Rules 2021, the government will ask WhatsApp to disclose identities. Who shared this kind of fake video first?

It is often seen that leaders share fake videos or pictures on social media which destroys the electoral system and many leaders face threats to their lives due to these fake news as people often attack the leaders etc.

Various types of fake news are going viral on social media. To get rid of this, Indian government may soon make a law against sending fake news.

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