Esha Deol slapped Amrita Rao after abusing the actress on the sets of Pyaar Mohan

Esha Deol slapped Amrita Rao! Recently, Esha Deol’s film ‘Ek Dua’ bagged the title in the non-feature film category at the 69th National Film Awards. Isha has acted in many Hindi films like ‘Dhoom’, ‘Ankahi’, ‘Insaan’, ‘Koi Mere Dil Se Saan’, ‘No Entry’. One of them was the film ‘Pyare Mohan’, during the shooting of which the actress slapped her co-star Amrita Rao.

The film ‘Pyre Mohan’ was released in 2006. Apart from Esha Deol, the film also featured Amrita Rao, Vivek Oberoi and Fardeen Khan in lead roles. There was some dispute between Isha and Amrita and this time both of them got into a fight. In this situation, Amrita abuses Isha and Isha slaps Amrita in return.

Amrita behaves rudely, Isha slaps her
Esha Deol spoke openly about this in an interview given to Times of India. She said, ‘Amrita misbehaved with me in front of director Indra Kumar and the cameraman and I felt it was completely wrong. I got angry and slapped him to save my self respect and dignity. Isha also said that she has no regrets for slapping as Amrita deserved it.

Amrita apologized to Isha
Isha says, ‘I have no regrets as he fully deserved the way he treated me at that time. I only stood up for myself and my self-respect. The actress also said that Amrita later apologized to her. Isha said, I have forgiven him. Everything is fine between us now.

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