Farmer brothers can harvest wheat in just a few hours with these two agricultural machines.

Among rabi crops, wheat is the main crop selected by farmers as the main food grain crop. Today we are going to provide you with information about two agricultural machines related to these harvesters, through which you can harvest several acres in a matter of hours.

Farmers and the government want to increase the production and quality of crops across India. Because it will benefit both the farmers and the government. But this will be possible only when crops are produced at low cost. This is the only option Modern agricultural machinery should be used, so as to save time, labor and cost. Farmers can also earn good profit in this. In this case, today we will talk about two such modern agricultural machines, which have made harvesting wheat much easier.

Tractor driven ripper binder

For your information, we tell you that with this machine, plants are cut with a cutter bar, then they are tied to the bridge. It is then thrown aside by the transmission system. The main thing is that this machine does very clean cutting and binding.

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Working capacity: With this, we can harvest at a rate of about 0.40 ha/hour. This brings the harvesting cost to around Rs.1050/- per hour.

Price: The estimated price of this machine is around 2 to 3 lakh rupees.

Automatic Vertical Conveyor Reaper

Farmer brothers, for your information we are telling for small and medium farmers cut wheat It is a very useful machine to do this. In this machine, a rigid bar is installed at the front, while the transmission system is installed at the rear. In addition, the reaper is equipped with a diesel engine of about 5 horse power, which drives the wheels and cutter bar.

Price: The estimated price of this machine is around Rs.100000/-.

Working capacity: Harvesting with this machine costs approximately Rs 1100 per hectare. Its working capacity is about 0.21 hectares per hour.

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To buy these agricultural implements, you can contact local companies in your area, who manufacture agricultural implements. Let us tell you that you will get this agricultural equipment at a very low price.

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