Farmers are afraid of stray animals in this village, when will the government provide a solution, watch the video

Datia constituency is among the seats of heavyweight leaders in the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections. In Datia, MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra’s constituency, the development has led to abundant irrigation in the urban areas, but the villages and rural farmers of the same constituency are unhappy about not getting enough electricity and water. Choupala was organized when the irrigation caravan reached Chirula village near Datia town. Sarpanchs of Chirula and Gandhari villages were also present in it. In the presence of the two sarpanches, the farmers of both the villages openly discussed the problems of electricity, water, food and livestock. Sarpanchs of both the villages admitted that a lot of work has been done to solve the problems of the villages and farmers in these VIP constituencies, but a lot remains to be done.

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