Farmers have to apply here till October 31 to set up cow dung gas plant with 50 per cent subsidy.

Application for grant in dung/biogas plant

Dung-based dung in rural areas, The importance of organic gas is immense. The use of dung for irrigation is common in rural areas., This is done in the form of Goetha. Manure for farmers, Biogas plant is a versatile project. From which fuel can be made as well as fertilizer for organic farming. dung,Considering the importance of biogas plants, the Bihar government has decided to subsidize cow dung gas plants to farmers in the state.

Use of dung for energy,If the resulting slurry is used to obtain fertilizer in gaseous form from vermicompost, it gives double benefit to the farmers. dung, Considering the utility of biogas plants, the government is subsidizing farmers for the construction of cow dung gas plants. For this, farmers can avail the benefits of this scheme by applying online.

dung, What are the benefits of biogas plant?

Biogas has an important place among non-conventional energy sources. Domestic and agricultural waste materials are used in its production. These waste materials are kept in a specific plant to produce biogas through natural processes.

The gas produced in this process mainly consists of methane., which is a flammable gas, It is obtained and can be easily used in household tasks like cooking., Apart from this, it can be used in lighting system and management of agricultural plants.

As a result of this process, slurry is obtained as residue., by which 25 from 30 Vermicompost can be made in days. Bio of two cubic meters,About a month from the gas plant 1.5 from 2 l,p,yes, The equivalent amount of gas in the cylinder will be available.

organic gas, How much subsidy on dung gas plant? (subsidy) will be given,

dung, Subsidy facility for biogas units will be provided to those farmers who are engaged in farming and who have 4-5 There are cattle. A farmer’s dung , For biogas units max 01 Can get grants for units.

Deenbandhu model has been adopted for setting up this unit. less for,from,less 10’*12′ Private land should be available. dung, Total cost price of biogas production 42,000 value for money 50 percent or max 21,000 Rs, which is the smaller unit, Grant amount will be given. as well as 1500 Rs ,turn,an amount, will be given. Estimated cost of a cow dung gas plant by the department 42,000 Farmers are fixed at a price of Rs 22,500 The maximum grant will be Rs.

Documents required for application

Interested farmers who want to take advantage of this scheme can apply online for it. Applicant farmer’s dung , For setting up a biogas plant, apply in person with an application in the prescribed form.,Attested Identity Card, the world,Certificate of Ownership , Land Receipt , Other documents related to land should be attached. dung , Biogas plant maps and estimates are required to be attached. Manure from subsidized production units , Biogas production is imminent 05 It will be mandatory to do this year after year. It will be mandatory for the farmers to submit an affidavit in this regard along with the application.

dung, Where to apply for bio gas plant,

Farmers can visit their nearest Common Service Center , You can contact Vasudha Center to apply for grant in cow dung gas unit online. Or your own mobile , Laptop dung from , You can apply online for bio gas unit grant. For this already farmers 13 Digit d,b,the tea, Number required. Farmers who do not have this number You can get this number by registering.

Benefits of the scheme come first,It is offered on first come first served basis. Interested farmers can avail the benefits of this scheme 31 October 2023 can be applied up to

dung gas, Click to Apply for Biogas Grant

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