Farmers must be careful! These pests can now be found in mustard, know how to control them

Saw flies and painted bugs on mustard crops

Mustard sowing work has been completed in many parts of the country. Mustard yield in many areas is 10-15 days. In such a situation, there is a risk of many pests and diseases in the mustard crop in the beginning which cause a lot of damage to the crop. In view of this, the agriculture department of Rajasthan’s Baran district has issued an advisory to farmers to protect mustard crops from pests.

The agriculture department has advised farmers to be cautious about dyed bugs and flies on mustard crops. Infestation of painted beetles is observed in mustard crops immediately after germination. which completely destroys the crop by sucking the sap from the leaves at the age of 7-10 days.

How to control painted bugs insects and sawfly?

Atish Kumar Sharma, Joint Director, Agriculture Extension, said sawfly moths cause maximum damage to mustard within 25-30 days of germination. The caterpillar itself damages the crop and leaves the plant leafless. Leaves are just stems. Monitoring is required in the early stages of cropping.

He said, to control pests, crop residues and weeds should be destroyed and seeds should be treated before sowing. Insecticidal chemical sprays should be applied in the morning and evening to prevent painted bug and fly aphid infestations that exceed economic losses.

Control pests with this drug

Giving further information, Director of Agriculture Extension said Thiomethaxam 30 FS is being used for control of dyed bug in mustard crop. 5.0 g or imidaclopid 48 fs. Seed treatment and sowing at the rate of 6.0 g per kg seed is effective. For control of painted bugs and fly agaric insects, morning or evening spraying of quinalfos 1.5 percent or malathion 5 percent or methyl parathion 2 percent or carbaryl 5 percent powder at the rate of 20-25 kg per hectare is beneficial.

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