Farmers need to apply now to get solar pumps at up to 75 percent subsidy.

Application for grant on solar pump

The government is promoting solar energy to provide irrigation facilities to the country’s farmers and reduce the cost of agriculture. For this, Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana is running across the country. Under this scheme, the government provides solar pumps at huge subsidy to the farmers. In this context, the Haryana government has invited applications from farmers in the state for 3 to 10 horse power (HP) solar pumps.

We inform you that the application process for subsidized solar pumps has started. Haryana Government has invited applications till November 7, 2023 for installing solar pumps for farmers in Haryana under Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana. Interested farmers can apply to avail the benefits of this scheme.

How much subsidy on solar pumps?subsidy) will be given?

Giving information on this, a spokesperson of Haryana’s Department of New and Renewable Energy and HAREDA said that farmers can get 3 HP at 75 per cent subsidy amount. Can apply for 10 HP Solar Pump from He said farmers who applied between June 23, 2023 and July 12, 2023, need not apply as these farmers will be given an opportunity to submit the beneficiary share again.

This is how farmers will be selected

This year’s targeted beneficiaries will be selected on the basis of annual household income and land holdings. The selected beneficiaries can visit the portal and select the company listed by the government and deposit the beneficiary shares, the details of which you will get on your registered mobile number. The farmer should select the type and pump according to his field size, water level and water demand. The farmer only needs to drill the bore in his field, the farm will do the rest of the pump installation.

Giving the information, the government spokesperson said that existing applicants for electricity based connections (UHBVN/DHBVN) will be given priority for solar power pump connections. Provided that they have to surrender their existing electricity connection (Surrender) to be done.

Documents required for solar pump grant

The government has set certain conditions for subsidizing solar pumps to farmers. Farmers who fulfill these conditions can apply under Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana. Eligibility and required documents for application under the scheme are as follows:-

  • family identity card,
  • Applicant has no solar connection in family name.
  • Applicant should not have electricity based pump in his name,
  • Agricultural land pledged/fard in the name of the applicant,
  • According to a study by the Haryana Water Resources Authority, installation of micro-irrigation systems will be mandatory in villages where the groundwater table has gone below 100 feet, while in others, installation of underground pipelines or micro-irrigation systems will be mandatory.
  • In whose area are rice farmers HWRA Those whose groundwater level has reportedly fallen below 40 meters will not be eligible for the scheme.

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Where to Apply for Solar Pump Grant

Interested farmers who want to get subsidized solar pumps under Kusum Yojana can apply through Haryana Govt’s simple portal. saralharynagov,inside But you can apply online till November 7, 2023. For more information, farmers can contact the Project Officer/Assistant Project Officer, Department of New and Renewable Energy at the office of the Additional Deputy Commissioner of their district from 9 am to 5 pm. Detailed information about solar pump scheme terms and conditions is available on the Department’s website. World Wide Web,Hareda,gov,inside Available from

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