Farmers should manage stubble with these agricultural machinery, crop cost will be reduced and yield will increase.

Agricultural equipment for crop residue management

To prevent environmental pollution, the government is giving continuous emphasis on post-harvest residue management. Because crop residue not only pollutes the environment but also degrades soil quality. Farmers can increase crop production by using this residue to make fertilizers. For this, the agriculture department is constantly advising the farmers. Even under various schemes, farmers are being given huge subsidies on agricultural equipment suitable for crop residue management.

Many agricultural machines have now been developed that mix crop residues with field soil to produce organic fertilizers. Also, farmers can directly sow the next crop, thereby reducing other costs. Farmer Solutions Some useful agricultural tools for crop residue management It has brought the information of the products which are bought by the government and given a huge subsidy.


This agricultural machine cuts the paddy straw etc into pieces so that there is no need to burn the straw. By using this device, damage to environment and soil health caused by field fires can be prevented. This agricultural machinery facilitates sowing of wheat immediately after harvesting. Stores available nutrients and bacteria in the soil. The moisture present in the soil is conserved through the use of mulch. Crop residues such as straw, leaves and stalks are mixed with soil to make organic fertilizers.

reverse plow

Protects against environmental damage due to burning of crop residues, paddy straw etc. By deep tillage the crop residue is well buried in the soil. Increases the quick retention and water holding capacity of the soil. Destroys the harmful bacteria present in the soil. Controls weeds by destroying weed seeds.

hay bale

With the help of this agricultural machinery, bales can be made from paddy straw. These bales can be taken to other places and used as fodder. Bales can be used to generate electricity from waste in power generation plants. Many state governments have also made arrangements to purchase this straw.

Happy Cedar

Large scale pollution and degradation of soil health caused by burning rice straw can be prevented by using this machine. This agricultural machine directly sows straw in the paddy field harvested by the combine without tilling the field. With this machine, the straw of the paddy field is cut and kept as mulch and organic fertilizer is applied to the land. Straw remains as mulch,Due to the presence of straw in the fields, the water stays moist longer and weeds grow less. Direct seeding of wheat with Happy Seeder without seeding 800 from 1000 Savings up to Rs.

Zero till seed cum fertilizer drill

In this method there is no need to burn paddy straw while sowing wheat. No matter how big the hill, wheat is sown on it. Due to which the fertility and structure of the land is good. Sowing wheat in this manner gives better wheat yield and plants are healthy and dark in color. In this method, wheat plants do not turn yellow after the first irrigation after sowing. This not only reduces the cost of wheat cultivation but also increases the production.

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