Farmers should plant new improved wheat Pusa Gautami HD 3086 for higher yield.

A new variety of wheat is Pusa Gautami HD 3086

Apart from harvesting the kharif crops, the country’s farmers are busy preparing for rabi sowing. For this, farmers are providing improved seeds as well as fertilizers etc. Wheat is the main crop in rabi season., It is cultivated prominently in many states. In this case, farmers should choose varieties for sowing which are suitable for their area and also resistant to the diseases prevalent in that area so as to get high yield at low cost.

by agricultural scientists from different countries,New varieties of wheat for different climatic zones,New varieties are being developed which are disease resistant and give good yield at low cost. Pusa Institute, New Delhi has developed one such new variety of wheat “Pusa Gautami HD 3086″let’s know what are the characteristics of this variety.,

Wheat variety Pusa Gautami HD 3086

This variety of wheat was developed by the Pusa Institute. North Western Plains ,Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan ,Except Kota and Udaipur divisions, Western Uttar Pradesh ,Except Jhansi division, Some parts of Jammu and Kashmir ,Kathua District, Himachal Pradesh ,Una district and parts of Paonta, and Uttarakhand ,Lowland areas, as well as North East plain area , Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa, Plains of Assam and other north-eastern states, Developed for

Pusha Gautami HD 3086 What is its yield?,

Wheat variety Pusa Gautami HD 3086 Maximum yield potential 81.0 quintal per hectare in the North-West Plains and 61 quintal per hectare for the North-Eastern Plains. If we talk about its average yield, 54.6 quintal per hectare in the North-West Plains and 50 quintals per hectare in the North-Eastern Plains. Farmers in the North West are talking about acres 28.44 Yield per acre is available from this variety.

Pusha Gautami HD 3086 The variety is suitable for timely sowing and irrigation. what happened 145 Day sets in on the north-western plains. Where this breed is found in the North-East plains 121 It is cooked and ready in a few days. This variety is resistant to yellow and brown rust. This variety has high protein content. This variety has a high extraction rate 70.5 And excellent chapati quality rating 7.7 is This variety of wheat is suitable for chapati making.

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