Farmers will get excellent profits from these five varieties of cowpea

Farmers can achieve an excellent yield of about 100 to 125 quintals in 50 days by cultivating improved varieties of cowpea in the field. Various varieties of cowpea are available in the market. However, to get the best production, choose Pant Lobia, Lobia 263, Arka Garima, Pusa Barsati and Pusa Rituraj varieties.

To get a lot of profit from the cannabis crop, the farmer needs to plant excellent and good varieties in his land. Cowpea is a pulse crop, cultivated mostly by small and marginal farmers in India. Because this crop gives good production even in less land. Cultivation of cowpea This is done in both Kharif and Zaid seasons. But with its improved breed, farmers can get good yield of cattle every season. In continuation of this, today we bring you information about five advanced varieties of cowpea, which after planting you can get a yield of 100 to 125 quintals per acre. Also, these varieties are usually fully ready after ripening within 50 days.

Five amazing improved varieties of cowpea

Pant Lobia variety

This type of cowpea plant is about one and a half feet tall. Pant lobia takes 60 to 65 days to mature after sowing. This variety of cowpea yields 15 to 20 quintals per hectare.

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263 varieties of cowpea

This variety of cowpea is an early crop, which ripens in the field in 40 to 45 days. From cowpea 263 varieties farmers can get production up to about 125 quintals per hectare.

Arka Garima Jat

Arka garima variety of cowpea gives excellent yield in monsoon and spring season. Arka Garima variety ripens in 40-45 days. We tell you that it yields about 80 quintals per hectare.

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Pusha monsoon season

As the name of this breed of cattle suggests, farmers will get good yield if they plant it in their fields during monsoon. Cowpea beans of the Pusa Barsati variety are light green in color. This breed is about 26 to 28 cm tall. Also, it ripens in the field within 45-50 days. This variety yields up to 85-100 quintals per hectare.

Pusha Rituraj Jat

This type of cowpea is considered very good to eat. The beans of this variety are green in color. Also, it yields about 75 to 80 quintals per hectare.

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