Fearing Cyclone Haman, farmers in Odisha are harvesting maize and other crops at a fast pace.

Panic of Cyclone Haman is haunting the farmers of Odisha as well. Due to the effects of Cyclone Haman, which has intensified over the Bay of Bengal, there has been drizzle in many parts of the state. Not only this, due to the impact of the storm, rain is predicted in the estuarine and coastal areas of Odisha’s Gajapati district. This forecast has raised the anxiety of farmers. Farmers fear the possibility of crop damage as paddy harvesting is currently underway in the state and maize is ready for harvesting. Farmers are afraid of crop damage if the intensity of rain increases.

Seeing the possibility of rain, the farmers of Gajapati district have started harvesting maize in panic. According to information, the farmers have started cutting maize in a hurry to save the crop from rain and strong winds. Not only this, the farmers are keeping the maize in a safe place immediately after harvesting instead of throwing it in the field or in the open. Farmers fear that if the harvested crop is left outside or gets wet, the crop may germinate. On the other hand, due to the presence of clouds in the sky, both the anxiety and panic of the farmers have increased. Another local farmer, Trinath Nayak, expressed concern over the possible cyclone, saying that maize is the only profitable crop for farmers in his area. We fear crop damage due to the possibility of cyclone. So we cannot take any risk. So we are making every effort to save our crops.

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Chance of rain with storms

Meanwhile, due to the possibility of rain from Cyclone Hamun, the farmers of coastal district Kendrapara are equally worried about crop loss. Here in Dakshinkhand Bholapata area the yield of paddy and dal was not good. Vegetables other than rice. Green gram and black gram are grown. Farmers are hopeful of a good harvest despite irregular rains this year, but possible storms may damage crops.

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The labor of the farmer will be lost

Rabindra Mallik, a farmer of Bharigola in the district, said that farmers are always at risk of natural calamities, which cannot be avoided. But the worry is that if it rains, all their efforts will go in vain. It will waste their money and time to grow it. High winds will destroy rice crops and rains will stop the germination of all crops. Sauri Behera of Dakshin Khand Bhola area also expressed similar concerns. He said, “Whether it is paddy, horse gram, mung bean or urad, everything will be wasted in case of rain or strong wind.

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