Goat Farming: Goats Release Five Kilograms of Methane Gas a Year, Learn How It’s Being Controlled

Methane gas is also largely responsible for global warming. According to experts, ruminant animals like cows, buffaloes and sheep and goats also emit methane gas. Goats are the third largest emitter of methane gas. It is for this reason that continuous research is being done at the Central Goat Research Institute (CIRG) in Mathura to control it. The good thing is that this research has been largely successful in developing special animal feed.

According to CIRG scientists, there has been consistent success in the animal feed sector. For this reason pellet feed and fodder have been prepared. CIRG is currently working on other areas to further control methane emissions from goats.

This is how goat methane gas is being controlled

CIRG senior scientist Dr. Ravindra Kumar even told the farmers that buffalo and cow are the first and second in terms of methane gas emissions. Goat is number three in this regard. However, goats emit less methane gas than cows and buffaloes, but goats are more numerous than cows and buffaloes. So the work related to goats is also going on more and faster.

We collect the methane gas emitted by the goats with the help of special equipment. Let’s measure it. Based on this, special green fodder and gram fodder are being prepared for goats. It is noteworthy that as per Animal Census 2019, the total number of goats and goats in our country is 14.90 crore.

Special types of green fodder are being prepared

According to experts associated with CIRG, green fodder for goats is being developed keeping many things in mind. The youth who come for training at CIRG are also exposed to organic and natural methods of fodder farming. The youth who come for the training are also given information on how to make manure for organic and natural fodder. Besides, making silage and pellets using green fodder is also explained.

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