Gold rates: 10 gram gold prices are flat today, see 24 and 22 carat gold rates.

Gold Rate in India Today: Today, gold prices across the country are stable. In some cities the price of gold has gone up to Rs.50. The demand for gold rises during the festive season. In many cities of the country, the price of gold is above 62 thousand rupees. Here’s how gold prices have changed today on 27 October 2023.

Gold price on 27 October 2023

Gold rate in Delhi

22 carat gold price in Delhi was Rs 56,950 per 10 grams. For 24 carats, customers will pay Rs 612,110 per 10 grams. City prices are taken from jewellers.

Gold rate in Ahmedabad

Talking about other cities in the country, the retail price of 22 carat gold in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad is Rs 56,850 and 24 carat gold is Rs 62,010 per 10 grams.

Gold rate in Chennai

22 carat gold was Rs 57,050 per 10 grams in Chennai. The retail price of 24 carat gold in Tamil Nadu’s capital Chennai is Rs 62,250 per 10 grams.

This was the gold rate in major cities of the country on 27 October 2023

the city 22 carat gold rate 24 carat gold rate
Mumbai 56,800 61,960
Gurugram 56,950 62,110
Calcutta 56,800 61,960
Lucknow 56,950 62,110
Bangalore 56,800 61,960
Jaipur 56,950 62,110
Patna 56,850 62,010
Bhubaneswar 56,800 61,960
Hyderabad 56,800 61,960

Gold rate on IBJA website

Here are the gold rates on the IBJA website. Here are the gold rates on the IBJA website.

This is how the price of gold is determined

The price of gold is mainly determined based on the demand and supply of gold in the market. If the demand for gold increases, the rate will also increase. If the supply of gold increases, the price will decrease. Gold prices are also affected by global economic conditions. For example, if the international economy is performing poorly, investors will look to gold as a safe investment option. This will increase the price of gold.

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