Google has disabled Live Traffic Feed

Israel Hamas War Live Updates: There is a fierce war between Israel and Hamas. The whole world is suffering in this war, almost all countries are pitted against each other. While America is helping Israel, almost all Muslim countries in the world are supporting Hamas and opposing attacks on Israel. The Israel-Hamas war is going on in various ways, including bombs and ammunition. Meanwhile, American tech company Google disabled live traffic feeds for Google Apps and Waze in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

According to the report of Bloomberg, Google took this step after the request of the Israeli army. There have also been reports of disabling live traffic feeds on Google Maps and Waze ahead of a possible ground attack on northern Gaza. “As we’ve done in the past in response to conflict situations and evolving situations in the region, we’ve expanded the ability to view live traffic conditions and congestion information with the safety of local communities in mind,” a Google spokesperson told Bloomberg. Temporarily disabled.”

Israel Hamas war: What if the live feed is disabled?

Under this, Google removes real-time crowding data from a location. Israel and Gaza Live traffic feeds have been disabled in the Gaza Strip at the request of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), sources told Bloomberg. However, the IDF has not officially confirmed the matter.

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The disabling of the live feed was first reported by Israeli tech website GeekTime. In addition to Google and Waze, Apple Maps also accepted the request, the Israeli website reported.

Action also took place during the Russia-Ukraine war

Google took similar action during the Russian attack on Ukraine in 2022. Real time vehicle and pedestrian data is disabled In this situation, if this news is true, Hamas may have to face great losses. Because it is said that the Israeli army is planning a ground attack on Hamas.

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