Got cheated somewhere during the festive season? Check how pure your gold is – at home

The festive season is on and many businesses are busy selling gold and silver. During Diwali and Dhanteras people will buy gold in large scale. In such a situation, it cannot be denied that fraudsters will steal your hard-earned money through gold to take advantage of the growing demand. To avoid fraud, you can test the purity of your gold yourself, that too at home. In this BIS Care App by Indian Standards Bureau (ISB) can be very helpful for you.

  • BIS CARE App was launched by Bureau of Indian Standards in December 2021.

Let us tell you that BIS Care app was launched by Bureau of Indian Standards in December 2021 keeping in mind the convenience of people. With this app, customers can easily check the hallmarking or ISI mark of any item. Not only this, if the consumer has any doubts about the quality or reliability of the product, he can file a complaint through the app.

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Hallmark has changed

The government has changed the hallmarking of gold ornaments from July 1 last year. The number of symbols has been reduced to three. The first mark is the BIS Hallmark. The second indicates accuracy and the third symbol is a six-digit alphanumeric code, called the HUID number. HUID stands for Hallmark Unique Identification Number. This six digit code consists of letters and numbers. During hallmarking, each piece of jewelry is assigned a HUID number.

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Easy way to test gold at home

First go to play store and download Indian Standards Bureau (ISB) BIS Care app. After that, when you open it, you have to enter your name, phone number and email id in it. Then your mobile number and email id need to be verified by OTT. After verification, enter the HUID number of the jewelery you want to check and you will get all its information.

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