Halloween 2023 Dates October 30th or 31st Why Celebrate Halloween Trick or Treating

Halloween 2023 Date: Halloween is celebrated on Tuesday, October 31 every year. Celebrated in western countries, this festival is now rapidly attracting people to India. People’s desire to know about this festival is getting stronger. After all, why people walk around in spooky getups on this day, why children go trick or treating on this day. Why is this festival celebrated, know its history.

If there is a big Christian festival after Christmas, it is Halloween, and people are seen in spooky getups. It is believed that on this day the spirits of dead people appear on earth and create problems for living people. That is why people are seen dressed as ghosts to scare the evil spirits away. Fires are lit everywhere and the bones of dead animals are thrown into it.

On this day children visit each other’s and neighboring houses and play pranks and share sweets and cakes among themselves. Pumpkin also has special significance on this day. It is believed that on this day, according to farmers’ beliefs, evil spirits may come to the fields and damage their crops, so a candle inside a pumpkin is used to guide the ghosts, or hung outside. At home, so that evil spirits do not enter the house. After that the pumpkin is buried in the ground.

This day, October 31, is considered the last day of the Celtic calendar among the Christian community. The new year starts from the next day. November 1 is called All Saints Day. Halloween Eve is celebrated on the eve of All Saints Day.

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