Halloween 2023 Learn more about the connection between pumpkins and Halloween

Halloween 2023: Halloween is celebrated on 31st October every year. Halloween is celebrated in most European and American countries. Ghost faces and pumpkins come to mind at the mention of Halloween. During Halloween, people hollow out the pumpkin, add eyes, nose, mouth or make it scary and put candles inside it, so that it looks more scary in the dark. These pumpkins are called Halloween.

Why is Halloween celebrated?

In the Christian community, October 31 is considered the last day of the Celtic calendar. The next day is considered the beginning of the New Year. It is believed that dressing up as a ghost on this day brings peace to the spirits of the ancestors. On this day, the spirits of dead people rise to earth and create problems for the living spirits. To drive away these evil spirits, people wear scary or spooky clothes and dress up in Halloween getups. To drive them away, bonfires are lit everywhere and bones of dead animals are thrown into it.

The significance of pumpkins on Halloween?

Children trick or treat on this day (call or trick) It is said that during this festival people go from house to house and give sweets to each other. On this day, special children come out in costumes, scary make-up and masks. On this day, children hold a pumpkin in their hands making eyes, nose and mouth and candles are placed inside it and all the pumpkins are buried. It is believed that on this day, according to farmers’ beliefs, evil spirits may enter the fields and damage their crops, so the spirits are guided by lighting a candle in the pumpkin.

Lunar Eclipse 2023: The last lunar eclipse of the year will take place on October 28, benefiting the natives of this zodiac sign the most.

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