Handicraft Mole on Palate Meaning and Importance Palate Significance

Marine scriptures, moles in hand: Palmistry is a branch of Astrology, just as astrology is used to know about a person’s life, similarly according to palmistry one can determine the life of a person by evaluating the lines and symbols formed on the palm. Information is given about life. In palmistry, a person’s future or life can be assessed by looking at the hand lines and symbols.

Astrologer Dr. Anish Vyas said, according to handicrafts, the mole marks on the palm of the hand also indicate a lot of future. Moles at different places on the palate give good and bad results. Many things related to a person’s life can be known from these moles.

Mole on thumb

Astrologers say that having a mole on the thumb is an auspicious sign. Those who have moles on their thumb are considered very lucky. Such a person is a lover of literature and art. Also, such people get a lot of success in business.

Mole on index finger

Astrologers say that those who have moles on their index finger are very lucky. Such people have special blessings of Maa Lakshmi. Such people are rich and full of all comforts and luxuries. Moreover, such people are also very hardworking.

Mole on the middle finger

Astrologers say that those who have a mole on their middle finger are quick witted. Besides, such people like to buy expensive things. According to Hastrakha, such people lead a luxurious life.

Mole on little finger

According to the astrologer, according to handicrafts, those who have mole marks on their little finger, get respect as well as great wealth. The personality of such people is also very good.

Sesame on Guru Pahar

The astrologer says that according to palmistry, the presence of mole on the mount of Jupiter in the palm indicates that the person will get a lot of wealth in life. He will get all the happiness in his life.

Mole on Shani mountain

The astrologer said, it is believed that if the Mount of Saturn is well developed in the palm of a person and there is a mole on it, the person will acquire a lot of wealth through his hard work and intelligence.

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