Happy Autumn Full Moon 2023 Wishes Message Quotes

Happy Sharad Purnima 2023 Wishes: Autumnal Purnima is also called Kojagari Purnima or Rasa Purnima. As per Hindu calendar, Sharad Poornima will be observed on the full moon day of Ashwin month i.e. 28 October 2023. It is said that if Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, is worshiped with true heart at night, then the path to wealth in life becomes easy. Blessings stay at home.

Consuming kheer on Sharad Purnima has a special significance because on this day the moon is full of 16 phases and showers nectar. If kheer is consumed on a moonlit night, it acquires the qualities of amrita. Eating this kheer boosts immunity and provides health benefits. On the auspicious occasion of Sharad Purnima, you too pray to God for the well-being of your loved ones and send them this message and wish them all the best for this festival.

The color of autumn full moon is unique
May the moon shine on this day, love everyone
Light a lamp in the room
Be ready to welcome Goddess Lakshmi

Moonlight showers her love, adorns sixteen
The rays of the moon are shining, raining nectar today.
Cool, bright rays, mesmerizing Maharas
Tonight is a night of joy filled with love.

Bow down and get the blessings of Sharad Purnima moon
Make life happy and prosperous

May you be showered with immense wealth
May you get immense happiness and prosperity
Sharad Purnima comes every night
I got immense happiness in life

The beauty of Sharad Purnima night is enchanting.
It was showered only by the love and affection of the gods.
May the moonlight bring you happiness
Happy Sharad Purnima festival to you

Radha went to Krishna’s door with the gopis.
The scattered shades of Kanha’s dark colors are immense.
He met Krishna in the bright light of the full moon
Raas Leela will be today the whole world will dance

May Sharad Purnima remove all your sorrows
May this night of golden moon bring new hope in your life
We only pray that to you
May darkness never come in your life

Sharad Purnima night is the most beautiful
God’s love and blessings are showered
Goddess Lakshmi became moon and love

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