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Happy Dussehra 2023 Wishes: Best wishes to you and your family on this festival of Dussehra, victory of good over evil. The year is 2023 Dussehra festival will be celebrated on October 24. On this day Lord Sri Rama returned with Mother Sita after defeating Ravana. This day symbolizes the victory of Lord Sri Rama. May happiness, prosperity and peace come to your home on this festival of Dussehra, may we all leave evil and move towards good and achieve victory. On this auspicious day, send these greeting messages to your friends, relatives and loved ones and wish them Happy Dussehra.

Victory of righteousness over unrighteousness
The victory of truth over falsehood
Victory of good over evil
Virtue triumphs over sin
Virtue triumphs over tyranny
Mercy and forgiveness triumph over anger
And the victory of knowledge over ignorance
Happy Dussehra

“It is a testament to the triumph of justice over unrighteousness, this story of Sri Rama is so great.”
Happy Dussehra

Keep the name of Lord Sriram in your heart
Destroy the Ravana within you
Happy Dussehra festival

Victory of righteousness over unrighteousness
Victory of justice over injustice
Cheering the good over the bad
This Dussehra festival

“It is a testament to the triumph of justice over unrighteousness, this story of Sri Rama is so great.

May evil be destroyed, may happiness reside, may Rama reside in your heart and may Ravana never be around you.

Whatever the time, the tradition will be the same every time.
Good will always triumph over evil.

Dussehra means victory of truth.
The fortress of lies will be broken, love the truth.

“Tenth gives hope,
Reminiscent of the end of evil,
who walks the path of truth,
It became a symbol of victory.”
Happy Dussehra.

As Sri Rama conquered Lanka,
However, you also conquer the whole world
May these tens meet you,
All the happiness in the world.
Happy Dussehra to you!

Dussehra 2023: Dussehra day is very auspicious for auspicious deeds, know what deeds should not be done on this day.

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